Duel Revolution: the ultimate monster taming mmorpg


Game Name: Duel Revolution

Developer: Game Matter

Release Date: March 1st 2024

Platforms: iOS, Android, Steam (Windows & macOS)

Price: Free to play

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (PT), Brazilian Portuguese (BR), Russian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish

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Duel Revolution is an engaging cross-platform MMO-RPG that opens a vast world of monster-taming adventures. Players step into the shoes of a duelist, a life full of exciting elements – adventure, exploration, collecting diverse Evo, and strategic dueling.


The journey in Duel Revolution is about more than just climbing the ranks to be the best. It’s about immersing oneself in the full duelist experience – forming friendships, embarking on shared adventures, and expressing individuality through an extensive customization system.


Duel Revolution’s world is constantly evolving, always offering something new. Regular updates bring in new Evo to discover, uncharted territories to explore, and intriguing stories and quests. It’s a world that continually grows, ensuring that players always have fresh experiences awaiting them.


– Always Growing Story: Dive into a world that’s continuously expanding. With new content being developed regularly, players will find fresh stories, quests, and Evo to discover, ensuring the adventure never stagnates.

– MMO Multiplayer: Connect and play with friends or meet new companions along your journey. Explore the vast world together, solve intricate puzzles as a team, and experience the true essence of cooperation and competition.

– Skilltree-Based Leveling System: Strategize your path to power. Every skill you select is crucial, shaping your gameplay and dueling style. Think carefully to tailor your character to your preferred approach.

– Create the Perfect Evo: Utilize a unique breeding system to customize your Evo, mixing and matching traits to breed the ultimate companion. Experiment to find powerful combinations and strategies.

– Character Customization: Express your individuality with an extensive character customization system. From attire to accessories, create a duelist that truly represents you.

– Crafting: Engage in a comprehensive crafting system that allows you to create potions, equipment, and more. Gather resources and refine your skills to produce items that can give you the edge in your next duel.

– Day and Night Cycle: Experience a dynamic world where time flows and affects gameplay. Certain Evo might only appear at night, and quests could change depending on the time of day, adding depth and realism to your adventure.

– Live Events: Immerse yourself in live events that celebrate both the competitive and social spirits of Duel Revolution. These events, including tournaments, bring the community together, allowing players to compete, collaborate, and socialize. It’s a fantastic way to engage with fellow duelists, share experiences, and enjoy the camaraderie that defines our community.

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Duel Revolution’s development story is one of collaboration and shared vision. André Marín and Dimitri Lautenschläger, each with a passion for gaming, independently ventured into indie game development. Despite having common friends and attending the same school, it was only through an internet forum in 2014 where Dimitri, recognizing André, started a conversation. This marked the beginning of a creative partnership, leading to the development of Duel Revolution, a project André had already embarked on in 2013.

Developing Duel Revolution wasn’t without its challenges. The game underwent several transformations, being rebuilt from the ground up three times as Dimitri and André strove to meet their own standards of quality and gameplay experience.
After a long and dedicated journey of 10 years, Duel Revolution is finally releasing in March 1st, 2024.

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„Explore and share our world. Your story can launch a thousand quests. Join us.“

André Marín & Dimitri Lautenschläger

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